Tesla Triathlon Team always take a part in events with tradition. In the month of june we did a Neufeld Triathlon - the oldest triathlon race in Austria! Gajo Buric won a gold medal in the sprint distance triathlon race at the Neufeldersee in aquabike.

Goran Kopre did a sprint triathlon. He improved his last year time, especially on the bike and swimming course. Course is in opposite direction and have a two hills and it is not as he preferes but he did it very good. He is still working hard to get some improvements in running and swimming. Last year we took a second place in a team relay but this year unfortunately our swimmer Varga was got injury to shoulder ligament and also our biker Alcayde got some virus infection and they were not able to take a part in Team relay. We missed both olympic and sprint triathlon team relays.

We are sending healthy vibes your way for a speedy recovery!   

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