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The simplicity of aquabiking offers several distinct benefits from standard triathlons. Less impact, less training - more fun!

Less Impact 

Eliminating the run element of training and racing can help avoid those troublesome knee/joint injuries that are all too often caused by pounding the pavement. This links back to scenario A (above) — aquabike racing is an excellent way to stay engaged in the sport if you’re recovering from an injury.

Less Training

Does two-thirds of the disciplines must mean two-thirds of the training?! Well, yes and no.

If you’re struggling to find the time to train for all three triathlon disciplines, then training for an aquabike offers a simple way to eliminate all running training (hence resolving scenario B above). If time management is a major pain point for you, it might be worth learning how to better strategize your triathlon training. 

However, if you want to be competitive in aquabike, you’ll essentially be substituting most of your old run sessions with swim/bike ones — which means you won’t be training any less.

Less Equipment

It’s true that you need less equipment for aquabike racing, but you’ll still be dishing out the dough, as wetsuits and bikes are much more expensive than any running gear! 

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