Why Aquabike Triathlon?

Be well prepared with our custom training plans. Aquabike triathlon is the best format of triathlon! Common formats include Olympic distance of 1.5km swim and 40km bike; half-Ironman distance of 1.9km swim and 90km bike ; and Ironman distance of 3.8km swim and 180km bike. Also Sprint distance of an aquabike triathlon or short-course aquabike is recognized in some countries. 

The event was conceptualized by a member of USA Triathlon, Dean Petersen. It came about as a way to keep athletes active after they were struggling to run or were forced to quit running due to injury or joint problems. The pilot Aquabike program began in 2005. It took a few years to take off, but by 2010 USAT had brought in a rankings program for Aquabike.


There are three standard distances that Aquabike events use.

Olympic (Standard)



These are the standard distances recognized by World Triathlon Organisation. But some race organisers has its own events apart from that, the most common of which is a time-based competition. In these Aquabike events, the participants swim and bike for a fixed time rather than a fixed distance. For example, one competition may have a 10-minute swim and a 45-minute cycle, while another may have a 20-minute swim and a 30-minute cycle. In these cases, the athlete who covers the most distance in these times wins. Also from this year, some race organisers are offering sprint aquabike races which are the most suitable for beginners. 

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