Podium again this weekend! Gajo Buric won the first place at " XXXIX. Sportolna Triathlon Festival" - the official hungarian state championships! It was held in Fadd-Dombori, Tolna.  He raced in sprint competition - aquabike discipline. As you probably noticed, we are going to top-level, high quality and competitions with long tradition. This is one of the oldest aquabike races in Europe, probably the oldest one. It exist from the year of 1984.

Event vibe there is amazing. A couple of thousand people watched and raced this event. You can feel tradition and excitement in the air. Race start was a little bit overcrowded because lake is very narrow and then "washing machine effect" appers at swim start but it continues well in good and fast bike segment with wide payment roads (just 1 percent elevation). Gajo overtaken all rivals and took a first place. Good to mention that it was an international event and national teams and clubs from Israel, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary took a part beside experienced international and domestic competitors.


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